Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Summer Camp at it's hype!!!!


                           Summer is the time for children to take time off from the regular chore of going to school and getting down to the curriculum. So, the summer vacation is, in another way, an opportunity to horn certain life skills while having fun.Children in the age group of seven to teen years are in the moulding stage.


                        Right skills imparted now can help them shape their life and future. Keeping this in mind SAINT SOLDIER, PRATAP NAGAR has started with the Summer Camp and has come up with ingredients to help children gain different life skills such as Self Defence, Swimming, Dance, Basket Ball, Skating, Handwriting improvement and Spoken English.


                                                    New Batches starts from 31st May 2013 !!!!

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Sports Event on Mother's Day !!!


All the Pre-primary wings parents were invited campus for the celebration of Mother’s day. Students presented Mass drill with flower props. Prep students also presented the poem on Mother’s Day. Different kinds of races like kings fight Race, Magician Races for boys and Get ready to party, Get ready to school and Plantation Race for girls, butterfly and flower Race, Train race were very innovative. Lemon and spoon, tossing the ball with badminton racket races also were conducted for parents.
The winner of the race I/II/III position was given the certificate and crowned by the Chief Guest (Mr. Ashok Joshi) and Ms. Mythily Ravichandran Coordinator of Alpha Matriculation School, Chennai. There was refreshment arranged for the parents. The function ended with vote of thanks by Pooja Agarwal followed by National Anthem.

Red Cross Day!!!!

Date:- 8-5-13(Wednesday)

This day is celebrated as Red Cross Day throughout the World. 

To celebrate this day a skit was organized in school telling us the importance & origin of Red Cross Day. The students also made us aware what preventive measures should be taken if an emergency takes place. Also how we should take step to help others.

Mother's day!!!

Date: - 8-5-13(Wednesday)

God could not be everywhere so he made mothers. 8th May is celebrated as Mother’s Day to give tribute & honour to all Mothers who made our life best from better.
On this day we celebrated Mother’s Day in school in the assembly. The day started with a beautiful song on Mother’s Day followed by a dance performed by senior  boys.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

World Labour Day !

DATE:  1st MAY 2013(Wednesday)

“All labour that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence. 1st may is celebrated as World Labour Day, so the Students of Shahibzada Ajit Singh house presented a mime in assembly giving message to stop child labour.

A Visit to Library!!

Date: - 27-04-13(Saturday)

Pre-Primary students were taken to the Library to know about library and to create interest  about the different books in library. Students were given cartoon and story books . Moral stories were also  presented by the teacher.