Tuesday, 30 August 2016


‘Knowledge is the kindling of a flame.’

                             Dell organized a ‘Dell Champs’ workshop for students as well as parents for classes V-VII to enhance the process of learning through a technology based quiz where students and parents were teamed up and vie for the title of ‘Dell Champs’. The students along with their parents willingly attended the workshop.
                                                 There were two rounds in the Quiz Competition. The first round was successfully cleared by six teams for the second round.  

                                          In the next round i.e. City Level two teams were selected for the city level.  The third level will be conducted online wherein the winning team will be given ‘Dell Champs 2016’.They also showed different videos which was very fruitful for students to accomplish their goals in future. This outstanding contest was an initiative to unleash the tech masterminds across India and make them a national star.

Participating and winning teams will be awarded by Dell.

Monday, 29 August 2016

Balloon Painting Activity !!!

                                            A balloon Painting Activity was held in Pre-Primary section of the school in which the students painted the balloons with help of their teachers giving the message of ‘Save Earth’. The students had a great time and enjoyed Painting balloons. 


Beauty simplified. “Ikebana Competition”
Ikebana is the Japanese art of flower arrangement. It is a disciplined art form in which the arrangement is a living thing where nature and humanity are brought together. Ikebana often emphasis towards shape, line and form, natural shapes and graceful lines. What distinguishes Ikebana from other approach such as “flower arrangement is its asymmetrical form, simplicity and minimalism. It is steeped in the philosophy of developing closeness with nature. One basic premise of Ikebana is the idea that the arrangement symbolizes heaven, mankind and earth, these three elements, each of which represented by different elements in the arrangement. 
                                              To make students aware of this art form and strengthened their bond with nature and the God, a House Wise Ikebana competition was held in the school on 27th of August for classes (VIII-X). Each house had six participants. This provided the opportunity to explore students’ aesthetic sense.The Sahibzada Fateh Singh  house was announced first.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

IX & X class Career Counselling Workshop!!!

                                          The best time to start exploring career options is high school. That is the right time to chalk out one’s course of action especially in the present times. This piece of advice was given to students by career guidance counsellors of Akash institute on 23/08/2016 for class’s IX &X.

                                           They guided the students about various career opportunities apart from being a Doctor or an Engineer. They advised the students to introspect themselves, their aptitude and their personality before choosing a career. Students were also informed about various examinations that can help in their career counseling. The programme was a boon to the students in taking a correct decision about their career.
The session was a respite to the students who were constantly stressed, more so because of parental and peer pressure.

Janmashtami Celebrated in Saint Soldiers!!

Janmashtami celebrated in Pre-Primary wing of SSPS.
The birthday of Lord Krishna was celebrated with infectious enthusiasm. The highlight of the programme was breaking of the ‘Dahi- Handi’ by the tiny- tots of the pre primary wing. 

Students came dressed traditionally like “Radha-Krishna, Yoshoda & Gopi-Gwalas & broke the dahi-handi amidst the cheering of the entire pre primary wing. Their teachers told them importance of the festival. Principal Mrs Aruna Suresh motivated the students. The programme was immensely enjoyed by students and teachers alike.

Monday, 22 August 2016


                                     Paper Baot on water Making Activity was organised on 20-08-16.
                      Teachers of Pre Primary wing of Saint Soldier Public School organised the Paper boat on water activity. In which Teachers taught student “How to make paper boats, & children also floated their paper boats on the water, with the guidance of their teachers.

                     children enjoyed the activity very much and learnt about floating and sinking.

Pot Decoration Activity!!!

                                        A Pot decoration activity was organized for classes I to V. The students showed a mass participation where in each class demonstrated their creativity in pot decoration. The students used many decorative items for pots. They were given two periods time to show case their novelity.
                             Put in their best came out with beautiful pots. Best five pots were choosen from each class. 

                            This activity inspired & gave opportunity to students to enhance their aesthetic skills.